Oyindamola Blouse - Tiskies
Oyindamola Blouse - Tiskies
Oyindamola Blouse - Tiskies
Oyindamola Blouse - Tiskies
Oyindamola Blouse - Tiskies
Oyindamola Blouse - Tiskies

Oyindamola Blouse

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The Oyundabola Blouse is a creation that Tiskies brings to your closet, combining classical design lines and colorful patterns for a radiant look.  You can get it in two different color combinations, with blue or green backgrounds, for a friendly and outgoing effect.  Its shape ensures a comfortable fit which you will enjoy completely.  Place it in your shopping cart today to enhance your wardrobe.  Tiskies brings all the vibrancy and colors of Africa directly to your closet!

     Tiskies knows that every woman is different.  They celebrate diversity and want every one of their customers to wear clothes that are beautiful and comfortable.  Their colors and designs are not made for a single type of woman.


    They aim to give you garments that will complement your lifestyle and give you a sense of belonging that you will find nowhere else.  The goal is to make you feel on top of the world.


    Diversity means many things. But, recognizing diversity also means understanding that there isn’t just one type of body.  You are all different and must proudly embrace those differences. Tiskies understands that reality and wants to help you find that piece that will fit you best.


    Going from store to store is not a fun experience when you are trying to find the right top, dress or jacket.  You may run into a wall and be unable to find the right size for you.

    Most clothes were designed with someone else in mind.


    Having recognized diversity, Tiskies brings you an easy-to-read size chart to help you ease the load at the moment of choosing what to wear next.  If you want to take your own measurements, you just have to do the following with a tailor tape meter:


    • Around your chest at the fullest point of your bust.
    • Around where your waistline is most defined.
    • Around your hips where your bottom is the fullest.


    After that, you can compare to the following chart to find the one that fits you best.

    XXS 32 26 36
    XS 35 28 38
    S 38 32 40
    M 40 34 42
    L 45 38 45
    XL 48 42 48
    XXL 52 46



    If you are unsure of what will fit your body type, or maybe you need some help to find the right size, drop us a line at support@tiskies.com.  We will gladly talk to you to help you find what you are looking for.