African fashion and values are in the core of our business

What We Do

Tiskies is the home for African women’s style and fashion.  


It was started by Abiola Aluko a number of years ago.  When she was still a child, she discovered her love for fashion and started making her own garments at home.  Coming from a family of business people, she also found out that she was good at selling those clothes that she made from scratch in her own living room.


During her college years, she started structuring what Tiskies is today.  A few people started working with her and the business began growing to the point that, when she had finished college and took a break from her government job, she had to take on the challenge to turn the business into a full-time job.


She realized there was no brand that stood for the values that she had and that, at the same time, promoted the beauty of African culture and fashion.  Tiskies was born out of the need to have a brand that was socially responsible and upheld African cultural values.


How We Do It

Tiskies sources almost all of the fabrics that they use in Nigeria.  Their objective is to use 100% of the raw materials that are produced locally at plants in her home country.  All fabric and prints design are done by the in-house team, and then all fabrics are made at local workshops.


Their production shops are located in Nigeria, as well, where they produce the most beautiful collections, through the use of the best fabrics, designs, and colors, put together with sustainable craftsmanship, all directly from Nigeria.


Tiskies is an alternative brand for the African female community, promoting their values, the community’s diversity, heritage, and traditions.


Social Responsibility and The Environment 

But they are not all about the clothes.  Tiskies is proud to represent strong, beautiful and independent women through the causes that they support.  Being from Africa gives them the opportunity to be an agent for change, supporting female empowerment, and improving awareness about our culture.


The brand and values are all “Made in Nigeria”, and that leads their identity and way into the future.  They want people outside of Africa to know what they do and to get acquainted with the country and the continent through the brand.


Helping get people acquainted with African culture and values, and growing operations in Nigeria serves a double purpose. On the one hand, giving back to the country that has helped them succeed, promoting exports out of Nigeria and creating more jobs for our local sisters and brothers in new and existing production facilities.  On the other, sparking interest in the country for others to understand and embrace our heritage.


Tiskies wants women to display their pride and heritage through garments put together beautifully.  Pieces that will make their wardrobe shine and make others become acquainted with African culture and fashion.


About Abiola Aluko

Abiola Aluko is the Founder and CEO of Tiskies. With a background in finance, Aluko has always been driven by fashion. At a very young age, she learned how to put together a fashion business to help support her through school. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Aluko’s personal mission for Tiskies is to help bring life back into Nigeria’s manufacturing industry and country-wide economy. Her mother was a sales entrepreneur who inspired Aluko with her own fashions. She grew up helping friends through fashion from cutting, tailoring and curating inspiring and trendy pieces. Her lifetime passion for fashion is what drew her back to creating Tiskies, turning what was once a hobby and pastime to a fulfilling and thriving career to give back to her community.


Aluko studied Accounting at The Polytechnic, Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria and later went on to earn an M.B.A. in Financial Services in the United Kingdom.  She is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia where she plans to grow the Tiskies brand and bring Nigerian cultural awareness to the city’s diverse community.