About Us

Tiskies is your home for the production of authentic African clothing using African prints to produce stylish, contemporary attires that represents what the African culture and tradition stands for. We are an African Clothing Brand committed to promoting “Made in Nigeria” and other Africa fashion designs to the world. We know Africa has a rich culture with an amazing history and heritage that can be well harnessed and used in creatively designing fashion attires that communicates what the African tradition represents.

The African prints we use are not bought off the shelves, they are designed in-house  and produced in Nigeria where we have several textile industries that make different types of Ankara and Abeokuta that is known as the capital base of Adire (A type of Tie and Dye cloth) that are of wonderful designs and great quality. Our business model is strategically set up in such a way that we can contribute to the growth and economy of Nigeria through export revenue and creation of job opportunities.