Made in Africa: 6 Top Fashion Designers You Should Follow ASAP

Made in Africa: 6 Top Fashion Designers You Should Follow ASAP

When we talk about African fashion, a wide variety of shapes, textures, colorful and abstract patterns come to our minds immediately. 

African history and culture have been the biggest inspirations to create incredible pieces that go from formal long skirts with geometric patterns to eye-catching urban streetwear. 

Celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Solange, Zendaya, Kelly Rowland, Oprah Winfrey, or Lupita Nyong' o have worn items like these multiple times, and they have become into fashion role models for our generation. 

To celebrate our cultural wealth, here are six African designers who have written a love letter to our continent through their inspiring creations:  


1. Loza Maléombho

Designed by Loza Maléombo.

Loza Maléombo is a fashion designer based in Ivory Coast. Her brand sells stunning pieces such as cocktail dresses and eclectic heels. Plus, her garments were featured in Beyoncé's 'Formation' video, turning her into fashion nova and bringing all the attention to African Fashion Designers worldwide. 

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2. Wale Alesh 

           Designed by Mojo Six.

As a child of immigrants parents, Wale Alesh is in touch with his Nigerian culture. In 2015, he founded Mujo Six, a fashion brand named after his mother and sister. He created clothing for all genders, and his pieces are a "catalyst to represent the beautiful countries and cultures of Africa." 

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3. Karissa Lindsay

             Designed by A Leap of Style.


Small steps can take you to bigger dreams. That's what happened to Karissa Lindsay, CEO & Lead Designer of 'A Leap of Style.' 

Based in Houston, this fashion designer started her brand from her living room designing a dress for her birthday, without the intention of starting a company. 

The official website says that this company was born from "a desire to stand out while still remaining classy, comfortable, and stylish."

Also, Karissa explains that her items are for the woman who wants to "add interesting, versatile pieces to her closet that make her feel beautiful and feminine." 

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4.Paakow Essandoh

             Designed by A MIZIZI.

In 2015, Paakow Essandoh founded 'MIZIZI,' a streetwear brand inspired in Africa. Back in his college years, he noticed the lack of African pride displayed in Florida. So he decided to change the rules of the game. "I wanted to uplift that African self-esteem within everyone and give them something they can wear stylishly and take pride in," Essandoh explains. 

MIZIZI means "roots" in Swahili. More than a company, this is a lifestyle brand that "embodies the spirit and strength of its African ancestors”.

Essandoh has created exclusive collections for Marvel's 'Black Panther' Movie called 'Wakanda Forever.' And he also designed a collection inspired in 'The Lion King.' 

His values go hand in hand with connection and representation. 

Find your wild side in Mizizi:


5. Thebe Magugu

            Thebe Magugu in Runway.

During his childhood, Thebe Magugu used to had nightmares, and his mother recommended him to document them in a journal. 

Years later, the Johannesburg-based designer created a collection inspired in these disturbing dreams. "I found them recently and thought to incorporate them in my work," he said in an interview with The New York Times. 

Recently, the 26-year-old South African artist exhibited his new garments during his fall 2019 fashion show. 

His designs use the traditional feminine silhouettes and use as inspiration all the women who have played a significant role throughout his life. 

Discover a brave artistic world with Thebe here:


6. Abiola Aluko

            Designed by Abiola Aluko. 

And last but not least, our top wouldn’t be complete without Abiola Aluko. This Nigerian fashion designer started to create her first pieces when she was a little girl. She always knew that her lifetime passion was in the fashion industry, and turned what once was a hobby into a successful career.  

Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, Abiola Aluko is the CEO and founder of Tiskies.  This alternative brand brings Nigerian cultural awareness to the city’s diverse community. Thought beautiful and colorful collections, Tiskies promotes the values of Africa and supports female empowerment. Tiskies’ designs will make you shine and connect with African culture. 


From Ivory Coast to Nigeria, these incredible fashion designers are unafraid to embrace their culture, values, and roots to the world. 

They have created sculptural pieces that combine elements of urban streetwear with silk kimonos in colorful prints to create looks that take pride in their cultural roots. 

Although they share the same inspiration, they own an original essence that makes them unique designers. 

And that's what makes the work of all these artists of clothing so inspiring, powerful and influential in the different communities. 

Are you ready to wear their collections?

It's time to spice up your wardrobe for this Christmas Season!