Have a Joyful Beach Time with a Biodegradable Sun Blocker

Have a Joyful Beach Time with a Biodegradable Sun Blocker

You can’t deny that with just reading the word Beach, our mind travels on its own.


We then think about every little thing we need to carry our unforgettable journey.


Such as food, a swimsuit, a towel, lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated and a good sunscreen.




The first thing you must know is that there are different types of tanning lotions and sun blockers.


Mostly all of them can be very toxic to sea life.


Fortunately, all those living creatures under the sea can thank cosmetic industries committed to the environment.


It’s interesting and also alarming how every year between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sun lotion find their way to different oceans worldwide.


That’s why, besides learning about the significant damage these chemical products cause, we must determine which elements are so harmful to the bottom of the ocean.


We should know eight chemicals we must avoid at all cost to preserve aquatic life:


            - Oxybenzone

            - Octinoxate

            - Octocrylene

            - PABA (Aminobenzoic Acid)

            - Enzacamene

            - Octisalate

            - Homosalate

            - Avobenzone


It’s important to mention that several companies are allowed to put labels on their products claiming that they are “Bio” or “Eco-friendly.”



A third-party laboratory must carry said verification.


Eco-friendly Sunscreens are the ones made with mineral substances that are spontaneously in nature and act as a screen over our skin, reflecting the sun thanks to Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, therefore not causing any allergies.


It’s important to mention that this is the only kind of filter natural cosmetics certified since it doesn’t produce damages to humans nor nature.


Other ingredients are added to lotions to protect our skins from sunburn, help us to avoid dehydration, and are potent antioxidants.


These ingredients can be aloe vera, shea butter, avocado, and carrot oil.


And the best thing?


They also help us acquire a prettier tone into our skin when we have a tan.


Besides all these benefits, biodegradable sunscreens are quite fluid and smear pretty nicely through our skin.


Quite a plus if you’re the kind of person who hates traveling around with a bunch of different lotions.


However, if you have ashen skin or propensity to freckles, don’t worry, you need to use FPS 50 Biodegradable Sunscreen.



Let’s recap tips to take into consideration from now on, and every time we go out and shop our biodegradable sunscreen. 


1)  Take notice of the type of sun filter. Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide are your best allies from now on.

2)  Read carefully the ingredients a sunscreen contains. Its composition must avoid elements that have been previously mentioned, such as Cinnamates, Benzophenones, or Benzimidazole, to name a few.

3)   That the sunscreen shows a “Bio-Eco” label. Only like that, you can be sure 95% of the ingredients are natural in origin. By the way, with “Bio”; it must also possess 95% of its vegetable ingredients certified as organic.



Now, girls, you have no excuse.


If you want to go to the Beach the next days I invite you to take a stroll in your closest virtual store or pharmacy to your biodegradable sunscreen.


This way, you’re not only protecting the sea, but you’re also extending the life of that beautiful green-blue that only seeing its waters fills you with excitement.


On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you should go running to throw to the garbage all the sunscreens you already had.


If they aren’t Reef Friendly, you can give them different uses until you finish the entire bottle.


Use them to sunbathe in the swimming pool, or you could even water them down and have them as some city space sun blocker.


Do you see how one can find a solution for everything in life?


Don’t feel guilty if you ever used a different sunscreen before reading this piece.


Feel empowered and much more secure of yourself since from now on you will share this knowledge with your friends and family.


Now, I ask you, do I count on you to have a nice trip to the Beach with an excellent biodegradable sunscreen?


Of course, I do!