7 Sustainable Clothing Brands That You Need In Your Closet

7 Sustainable Clothing Brands That You Need In Your Closet


Believe it or not, the fashion industry is becoming more aware in terms of ethical practices and sustainable production day by day. 

According to ThredUp’s 2019 Resale Report, in 30 years, the textile industry will account for 25 percent of the global carbon. 

Also, the Fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. According to the EPA, Americans spill 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year. 

After reading this, you might ask yourself: “How can I help?”. Well, don’t worry! 

Some innovative brands have the same concerns that you do, and they are not as expensive as you might think. 

You can wear sustainable clothing without breaking your bank account. It’s a win-win.



With that in mind, here are seven sustainable clothing brands doing their best to treat our Planet Earth the way it deserves.


#1 Back Beat Rags 

All their designs use GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, and Tencel. The California brand also incorporates 100% post-consumer recycled mailers and clothing bags for shipping. 

#2 Amour Vert

At Amour Vert, you'll find wearable looks made with a mission to reduce waste. The best? This brand plants a tree for every T-shirt it sells and makes items in limited quantities to cut down on excess materials.

#3 For Days

This brand focuses on namely T-shirts. Its vision makes it a little different. Permanently, you sign up for a membership ($38 for a year) and get a certified organic cotton T-shirt. When you want a new T-shirt, you order one for $8 and send back an old tee. According to their website, every piece that is sent back is “sorted, sanitized, broken down and blended into fresh new yarn” for new T-shirts.


#4 Everlane

Easy to dress up or dress down, their ethically-made and affordable clothing feature cute items made from recycled fabrics—and even water bottles. Plus, they sell both men and women’s apparel along with women’s shoes—their Day Heels are known to be well worth the investment.


#5 People Tree 

People Tree are the Fair Trade pioneers. Based in the UK, this brand creates beautiful clothing that women can wear all year round. According to their customers, items that they bought years ago still look as stunning today as they did when the first time they grabbed them.


#6 MATT & NAT 

MATT & NAT explores the combination between MAT(T)ERIAL and NATURE. They’re committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs. Each season they present new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly.


#7 Tiskies

Tiskies proudly display their African heritage and the empowerment of their employees with the designs they create. 

There’s no better fashion statement than allowing women to express themselves about what matters. From very original boho chic summer dresses to eye-catching work boho-chic pants. 

It all has the same goal: creating a connection with people who share your same values. Being stylish and supporting Sustainable Fashion is their mantra. 

As you might see, we’ve chosen brands with ethics as the heart of their business. 

Sustainability is more of a lifestyle than a hard line between right and wrong. 

Sometimes seeking through sustainable brands to find pieces that match your style can be complicated. 

This list is a good starting point to change your closet from now on!