6 Top Influencers That Will Teach You About Eco-friendly Lifestyle

6 Top Influencers That Will Teach You About Eco-friendly Lifestyle

If you’re looking for inspirational activists who promote sustainability stories on social media,  you have come to the right place. From eye-catching vintage clothes to vegan diets, these influencers will guide you to your ethical journey. Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started! 


Social media is the perfect place to get informed about new topics, exposing ourselves to innovative solutions, inspire our community and rethink our lifestyle choices. 


As you may know, ecological thinking is not a new movement but is taking power with time thanks to very smart and encouraging women that are creating awareness about sustainable living — especially on the durable front.


The following influencers are not going to give you only trendy solutions to your wardrobe but will inspire you to change the way you consume fashion and to generate a positive impact on your lifestyle by thinking differently about the world around us. 


That's why here at Tiskies, we have curated a list of our 6 favorite lifestyle influencers you need to follow ASAP to spice up your feed with a spark of color and comments that will guide you every day! 


  1. Bethany | Instagram: @dearlybethany

Dearlybethany sustainable fashion influencer

With almost 100k followers, Bethany is one of the most recognized sustainable fashion bloggers out there. 


Her style stands out by high-waisted pants or skirts, and she also wears a neutral color palette of white, black, brown, and tan.


You can watch her YouTube channel here


  1. Shannon Buckley | Instagram: @shannydoots

 Shannon Buckley Sustainable Fashion Influencer

According to her bio, Shannon Buckley says she is "exploring ethical clothing as a not-quite-plus-size person." 


Based in Chicago, this fashion influencer has plenty of neutral pieces, and she also wears colorful clothes that go from yellows, reds, to blues.


Shannon runs the Instagram account @selltradees, where people can sell and trade their Elizabeth Suzann pieces.


  1. Kathleen | Instagram: @consciousnchic

 #ConsciousNChic Sustainable and ethical fashion influencer

Since 2009, Kathleen has been blogging about her experience sustainably and ethically. 


She uses her influence to speak about causes like women's issues and labor trafficking. 


Her mantra reads: "Live your BEST life while making the world a better place!". 


Currently living in the US, Kat shows us how to live a more stylish and eco-friendly lifestyle. 


Plus, she also brings us light through beautiful and inspiring quotes. 


  1. Sally | Instagram: @callmeflowerchild

 Lifestyle influencers in united states


Sally loves giving vintage clothes another chance. 


If you didn't know it, this is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly things you can do for your planet. 


This ethical fashion influencer also shares tips to have an entire wardrobe dedicated to only slow fashion pieces with low-cost designs. 


Sally’s outfits are always eye-catching, and she even writes about her lifestyle experience. 


  1. Michelle Chavez | Instagram: @michelleforgood

 Michelle Chavez Callmeflowerchild Sustainable fashion influencer

Michelle Chavez's primary goal is to purchase products that do not hurt people or the environment while creating incredible styles. 


Her Instagram and website give us an insight into her ethical life filled with fun-loving fashion.


Along with her best friend Fay Grant, she started The Tote Project, which creates fantastic bags that empower survivors of sex trafficking worldwide. 


Both of them are raising awareness about this problem and spreading hope that together, we can make a difference in the lives of survivors.


  1. Jasmine Rose | Instagram: @msjasminerose

Jasmine Rose Sustainable and ethical fashion influencer

Jasmine Rose is a film student based in NYC. 


This fashion blogger combines her love for thrifting and sustainability into her daily life. 


Jasmine not only shares inspirational captions, but she also brings us ideas on how to look chic and speaks about her vegan diets.


A greener fashion is a vote for the planet.


And these amazing eco girls inspire us to contribute with this movement!


Day by day, earth's resources are limiting, but we have the power to make a significant change. 


From now on, you can follow the example of these talented influencers and speak up about the benefits of sustainable fashion to motivate others around you.