5 Ethical Fashion Influencers You Need To Follow ASAP

5 Ethical Fashion Influencers You Need To Follow ASAP

Social media is a fully open window where we can share our message with the world. In these platforms, we can find inspiration that helps us to work harder for our goals and make better lifestyle decisions. And fashion isn't the exception. 


However, as you might know, the fashion industry has a dangerous impact on the environment. 


And it seems it won't stop unless we begin to change the way we buy and wear our clothes. 


Fortunately for us (and our planet), there are members of fashion's inner circle that are creating awareness about sustainable living — especially on the durable front.


These people use their influence to generate a positive impact on Mother Earth. 


From tips of where to buy second handed clothing to how to upcycling pieces you already own. 


These eco-friendly social media influencers are known for having great advice to begin your journey into the ethical culture.


If you want to spice up your feed and incorporate a sustainable style in your daily basis, you have come to the right place. 


That's why here at Tiskies, we have curated a list of our 5 favorite ethical fashion influencers you need to follow ASAP! 


Let's begin! 


1. Leah | Instagram: @unmaterialgirl

Fashion Blogger Influencer

Unlike Madonna's famous single, Leah is far from being a "Material Girl." 


The Australian blogger changed her fashion philosophy when she took a volunteer trip to Brazil. And she has been a Slow Fashion Activist ever since.  


We're pretty sure you're gonna love her chic and creative lifestyle.



2. Raven Love | Instagram: @heyravenlove

 Fashion Blogger Influencer Raven Love

According to her Instagram bio, Raven is an "adventure enthusiast" who curates her own boho closet. 


Her photos of her travels to Australia, Turkey, and Indonesia are genuinely inspiring.


 Raven's feed stands out by her adventurous spirit, plus, she offers inspirational words of wisdom. 


Do you need more reasons to follow her? Just check her profile! 


3. Jessica English Lass In LA | Instagram: @englishlassinla

 Fashion Blogger Influencer Jessica English


As you might see, Jessica is an English lass discovering her new city.


Her content is focused on ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle.


 She gives useful tips to create the life you want while helping others and the earth.


       4. Natalie Kay | Instagram: @sustainablychic

 Fashion blogger influencers

Since 2014, Natalie Kay has been writing about sustainable fashion. 


She believes that fashion "can exist responsibly." 


And we couldn't agree more with her! 


In an interview with Savy Rest, Natalie explained that it all began when she was in college. 


"Every once in a while, I was coming across these articles about waste and unethical treatment of workers, and we never really stopped and spoke about it much.", she said. 


 5. Aditi Mayer | Instagram: @aditimayer

Fashion Blogger Influencer Aditi Mayer

Aditi Mayer combines her passion for fashion photography and ethical lifestyle.

Aditi has also spoken a series of panels and workshops on topics such as sustainable fashion, identity politics, visual culture, content creation, personal branding, and minority representation.

Based in Los Angeles, Aditi Mayer engages with her followers through social activism, and we just love it! 



And these amazing eco girls inspire us to contribute with this movement!


Day by day, earth's resources are limiting, but we have the power to make a significant change. 


From now on, you can follow the example of these talented influencers and speak up about the benefits of sustainable fashion to motivate others around you.