5 Cozy & Fashionable Jackets To Wear During the Rainy Season in Nigeria

African Print Bomber Jacket from Tiskies Fashion - Tade

The rainy season usually comes with a lot of mixed feeling because most people say they don’t look their best during this season, as they have to be covered up in very thick clothes to stay warm.

However, here is something you must know, you can still look fashionable and feel cozy during the rainy season. Here are 5 cozy and fashionable clothes you can wear during the rainy season in Nigeria.


1. African Print Denim Jacket - Chidalu

This African print jacket is made in Nigeria with 100% cotton fabrics produced by Tiskies. The jacket gives you that funky and fun vibe due to its touch of burgundy, orange and beige. It can be worn with skirts, jumpsuits, gowns or even on any type of denim. The jacket is ideal for rainy season, but can also be worn all season long.


African Print Denim Jacket - Chidalu


2. Ankara Print Bumper Jacket - Ope

Ope Ankara Print Bumper Jacket is a stylish yet casual jacket. It’s a very beautiful and well-styled jacket with a long zipper that allows you to zip to any desired level. You can rock this bumper jacket with any outfit of your choice.


African Print Bumper Jacket - Ope


3. African Print Poncho - Atinuke

Where are the bold and elegant ladies?! Come in here please! If you are willing to go all the way when it comes to fashion, then this is for you. Atinuke African print poncho is all shades of class and elegance, it is an African print cape that is perfect for the cold or rainy season, or even during your hangout on a very chilly evening. It is very easy to slip on, so this is a must-have.


African Print Poncho - Atinuke


4. African Print Jacket - Seble

The Seble African print jacket is stylish with a very delicate hemline. This gorgeous outfit showcases the African culture and also gives that very urban look, so it can be worn by women from any part of the world. For ladies with sleek fashion style, this 100% cotton African print is for you.


African Print Jacket - Seble


5. African Print Jacket - Taiwo

The Taiwo African Print Jacket is stylish and very distinctive. A lot of effort was put into this particular design due to its details, especially the hands. Its soft and cozy feature makes it an excellent choice for the cold and rainy season. 

African Print Jacket - Taiwo


Jackets are very unique items of clothing that not only keeps you warm, but also have a way of giving you an attractive look when combined perfectly with other outfits. So for those who are always worried about not looking their best during the rainy or cold weather, you can now feel warm and also look fashionable as well.