About us

Tiskies was developed from the childhood passion of the CEO Abiola Aluko. As a child, she helped her friends with their graduation, matriculation, dinner outfits up till her college days where she realized she could help more people other than herself and her friends.

Now, Tiskies is an indigenous multinational garment manufacturing company. The company started officially in September 2012 when the CEO realized she could turn childhood passion into creating jobs, showcasing our Africa culture through fashion in Nigeria. Tiskies is the home of production of authentic Africa clothing using Africa prints to produce stylish, contemporary attires that represents what the Africa culture and tradition stands for.

Tiskies uses Africa story to create a design, and manufactures the fabric here in Nigeria. The fabrics are now later turned to beautiful outfit and garments and this wears are guaranteed to last for a very long time because they’re made from great textile manufacturers.

We are an Africa clothing brand committed to promoting “made in Nigeria” and other Africa fashion designs to the world because weknow Africa has a rich culture with an amazing history and heritage that can be well harnessed and used in creatively designing fashion attires that communicates what the African tradition represents.

Tiskies Global Ltd has achieved levels of success over the previous years by training over two hundred young boys and girls between the age of 18 – 40 years on how to cut, sew, bead etc and many of them are now employed in big organizations in Nigeria.

Tiskies is one of the leading pioneers in creating contemporary fabrics in Nigeria. Currently, the company deals with female wears but will commence the male wears very soon. You can visit our production factory at Akowonjo Lagos, Nigeria

Email: info@tiskies.com
Customer Service: +1 (770) 769- 0822

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