Real African Clothing

Your Style and Culture + Tiskies’ Powerful Outfits

Your Style and Culture + Tiskies’ knockout Outfits.

Sustainable Clothes That Draw Inspiration From Our Roots

Modern designs, traditional fabrics, and colors to make you feel unique, flawless, and committed to a better world.

Tiskies holds the best Nigeria has to offer: From the most beautiful fabrics to the creative minds and community that make this possible.

It’s all made with love.

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You’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re Tiskies.

Discover Tiskies and its beautiful designer pieces. Its African-inspired clothing promotes self-empowerment and celebrates the natural fortitude and elegance of women everywhere.

Tiskies creates special and unique designs that matches your style, strength, and beauty.

The fashion world has been dominated by styles and colors that, for the most part, were not made for women like you in mind. Tiskies is a way to wear your colors and to wear your roots.

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Every woman is unique and beautiful and has the potential to change the world!

Through our Nigerian clothing brand, we support and encourage the vibrant and contemporary African Culture.

Tiskies is a conscious clothing brand. We believe in ethical fashion. What you wear is a statement, showing the world who you are and what you believe in.

What We Do

-Be an ethical brand

-Empower women

-Inspire and encourage African culture

-Represents what African culture and tradition stands for

What We Believe

-Opening a dialogue about African culture

-Promote a positive vision of the culture

-Committed to promoting “Made in Nigeria”

What We Offer

-Authentic African clothing

-Prints designed in-house and produced by Tiskies.

-High-quality tops, dresses, blouses, and jumpsuits

Our Foundation


With Africa in our roots and female empowerment in mind, we offer you fashionable pieces that combine traditional African colors and aesthetics, with the contemporary, sensible style of Boho chic.

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